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"I attempt to entertain the reader
by capturing the essences of and lessons learned from experiences enjoyed or suffered, and at least momentarily transport him/her to some of the exciting and interesting places I've been in real and mind travels."  

Six Notable Women of North Carolina (2015) is Jack’s seventh book and the sequel to Twelve Notables in Western North Carolina (400-pages/134-photos) that was nominated for the prestigious NC Literary and Historical Association’s 2012 ‘Ragan Old North State Award for Non-Fiction’ (formerly known as The Mayflower Cup).

Jack’s two books of comprehensive condensed biographies relate the life and career journeys of 18 exemplary state residents who have made their marks anywhere in the state, nation or world, and who also give back to the community. In 2016 he plans to interview then write about ‘Young Notables of North Carolina’ as he pursues the goal of becoming the major chronicler of outstanding state residents.


A portion of proceeds from Jack’s books are donated to the Young Writers Scholarship he founded in 2012 at Warren Wilson College near Asheville. He asks fellow authors, writers and avid readers to also support the fund by visiting the college website.


Jack was an online anchor reporter for allvoices.com from November 2012 until taking a book writing sabbatical in January of 2014. His column titled “He never knew the hate that slew him” published on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy was a finalist out of 66,000 entries in the 2013 AV Pundit Contest. Among the judges was noted journalist and writer Eleanor Clift.


Jack has also authored two mystery thriller novels: The Day of the Knights in 2009 and Investigative Reporter in 2011; and Speaking Up in Poetry & Prose in 2007 that targeted social, political and religious issues important to all Americans; and two Strategic Public Relations guidebooks. His poetry book was featured at the Carl Sandburg National Historic Site in Flat Rock, where his Sandburg Homage was placed on display.


For 13 years as a reporter and editor for two newspapers and a UPI contributor, he earned six New Jersey Press Association writing and editing awards, including ‘Best Column in All Divisions’. He has also won awards for magazine feature articles, and poetry; as well as pieces ghost-written for clients of the Prather Strategic Public Relations firm founded in 1986. His several marketing and PR honors include The Award of Distinction from the National Communicators.

He is a member of Netwest and its parent organization, the NC Writers Network, the Western North Carolina Writers Guild, The Author’s Den, The Book Marketing Network, The Read, The National Read, et al.

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Posted Amazon.com Reviews 
for "The Day of the Knights" -

E. M. Rickerson, Author The Five-Minute Linguist:
well-researched, fast-paced thriller that's hard to put down. Besides the plot, which has interesting twists, relationships among the characters are well drawn. Some excellent dialog, especially debates on social and theological issues. Remind at times of Day of the Jackal or The DaVinci Code. A good read!

Joseph Rem, Esq. (Hackensack, NJ):
In his latest novel, Jack Prather really hit his stride. He creates characters that jump off the page. It's in the mind of the serial killer that we live, seeing the world through his eyes, and more importantly, his mind. If you enjoy matching wits with the pursuer, and the anxiety of knowing the next innocent you encounter in the book may be living his final moments then this book is for you. 'Page turner' does not begin to describe the suspense. The shame is the book had to end, and the reader has to exit this sweetly earnest, violent yet romantic world.

Ronald E. Meyer (Dayton, Ohio):
Through the years, through two families, through two continents seemingly disconnected comes a story with an historical perspective and psychological insight. The serial killer, bred in an Italian family, arrives in New York when the 9/11 disaster changed many lives. This is an intriguing, fast paced narrative. It twists and turns and keeps the reader engaged right to the end. Prather's research makes it very believable.

Douglas Laird (Celebration , FL):
OW!! - This is fast paced, almost non-stop connected action and plot lines about the lives of two converging, very disparate brother personalities. Very detail oriented and factually correct and pertinent - I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Joslyn Bleick, Mountain Lore Books:
Do you like a great novel with plot twists and turns? Do you like a well-written, intellectual epic? Then this novel is a must read. Although largely plot-driven, this book also depicts deep characterizations. You will miss the characters when you finish.

Charleen Bertolini (Hendersonville, NC):
Superb book that grabs your attention and interest from the start. Extremely well researched and written. Ties human relationships, religion and current events together as the stories interweave. Written as fiction but you wonder, is this real?

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